About Jim
I started in the construction industry in the 1970’s doing demolition and small build projects, and was quick to see how things were put together. There were several times while taking something apart, that I noticed how poorly they were put together. This is when I realized that different people build in different ways, and not all of them are the right way. So, I became a remodeling contractor and I specialized in matching the type of construction to achieve the correctly finished product, using the latest building materials. I did this in San Diego mostly, with 25% of my jobs coming from the Los Angeles area, all through the 1980’s. I ended up in AZ for several years doing Foreman and Superintendent work for several different area contractors, doing a wide range of projects, including churches, hospitals, D.M.V.’s, National Guard buildings, a Fire Station, schools, as well as some high-end home additions and remodel work. I did all this through the 1990’s and up to 2014 when I moved back to CA. I choose to live in the San Gabriel Valley now, and started my business here doing what I’ve always done and what I am good at,
building and fixing things.

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